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CEMA’s Board is dedicated to serving the needs of the Association and the Industry.  Take a few minutes to get familiar with our Officers / Board of Directors.




Garry Abraham, President of CEMA

General Manager/CEO, Screw Conveyor Corporation, Hammond, IN

Members of CEMA since 1933.  Garry is a Member of the Membership/Marketing CommitteeJoint Screw Conveyor and Bucket Elevator Section, Finance/Budget Committee and the Bulk Handling Section.  

 CEMA Board Paul Ross  

Paul Ross, Vice President of CEMA

President, Douglas Manufacturing Co., Inc., Pell City, AL

Members of CEMA since 1996.  Paul is a Member of the Membership/Marketing Committee, Finance/Budget Committee and the  Bulk Handling Section.

E.A. (Ned) Thompson, Secretary of CEMA

Chairman, President and CEO, Prab, Inc., Prab, Hapman, Kalamazoo, MI

Members of CEMA since 1990.  Ned is a Member of the Finance/Budget Committee, Membership/Marketing Committee and the Bulk Handling Section.

Micheal Hoehn

Michael Hoehn, Treasurer of CEMA

President, Automatic Systems, Inc., Kansas City, MO

Members of CEMA since 1974. Michael is Chair of the Finance/Budget Committee, and a member of the Membership/Marketing Committee and the Bulk & Unit Handling Section.


Robert Reinfried, Executive Vice President of CEMA

Executive Vice President of CEMA since 1994.  

Bob is the Vice Chair of Finance/Budget Committee, a Member of the Statistics Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee, and the Unit Handling Section.


Directors – 2014-2017

 Merle Davis

Merle Davis, Director of CEMA

Senior Vice President, Wynright, Daifuku North America, Oak Lawn, IL

Members of CEMA since 2010.  Merle is a Member of the Government Affairs Committee, and the Unit Handling Section.

 Mike Nisenbaum

Mike Nisenbaum, Director of CEMA

Director of Industrial Sales & Marketing, Timken – Carlisle, Franklin, TN

Members of CEMA since 2012.  Mike is a Member of the Unit Handling Section, Membership/Marketing Committee and the Meetings Committee.

 Judd Roseberry

Judd Roseberry, Director of CEMA

Chief Executive Officer, Richwood, Huntington, WV

Members of CEMA since 1997.  Judd is a Member of the, Bulk Conveyor Accessories Committee (Chair of this Committee), Idler/Pulley Committee and the Bulk Handling Section.

Fannin, Dan2

Dan Fannin, Past Presidents Representative of CEMA

Vice President, Business Process Excellence, Regal Beloit America, Inc., Maysville, KY

Members of CEMA since 1974.  Dan is a Member of the Bulk Handling Section, Statistics Committee, Membership/Marketing Committee and the Past Presidents Committee.

Directors 2015-2018


Noel Bell, Director of CEMA

Vice President, Conveyor Division, Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc., Arlington, TX

Members of CEMA since 1966. Noel is a Member of the Bulk Handling Section, Joint Screw Conveyor and Bucket Elevator Section (Chair of Section), and the Membership/Marketing Committee.


 Bob Callahan 2016

Bob Callahan, Director of CEMA

Executive Director, Business Development and Marketing, SENQCIA MAXCO, Ltd., Kennesaw, GA

Members of CEMA since 2010.  Bob is a Member of the Unit Handling Section (Chair of Section)Conveyor Chain Section, and the Membership/Marketing Committee.

Directors 2016-2019


Dusty Bradley, Director of CEMA

Vice President, Marketing, Precision Pulley and Idler Co. (PPI), Pella, IA

Members of CEMA since 1985.  Dusty is a Member of the Bulk & Unit Handling Section and the Membership/Marketing Committee.

 Andrew Felter


Andrew Felter, Director of CEMA

President and Chief Executive Officer, Webster Industries, Inc., Tiffin, OH

Members of CEMA since 1933.  Andy is a Member of the Conveyor Chain Section, and the Membership/Marketing Committee.



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