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Temp 4B Logo October 14, 2014, MANUFACTURING MEMBER – 4B Componenets Ltd. was founded in the UK in 1971.  4B has been an industry leader in developing high quality, innovative, and dependable material handling components for the agricultural and industrial sectors.  From elevator buckets to forged conveyor chain and level monitors to hazard monitors, 4B is a company you can rely on for the equipment you need……….Continue reading
Bison Gear and Engineering logo July 7, 2014, MANUFACTURING MEMBERBison Gear & Engineering Corp. has been in operation since 1960, designing and manufacturing long-lasting and robust fractional HP AC motors, DC Motors and PMDC motors, gearboxes, gear reducers, as well as a full selection of AC and DC parallel shaft gearmotors, right-angle gearmotors, and brushless DC gearmotors. Some of our newer technology includes hypoid gearmotors and  …Continue reading
Shaw Almex logo June 25, 2014, MANUFACTURING MEMBER - Shaw Almex Industries LTD., is a comprehensive line of pulley lagging, cold bond splicing material and repair materials. The Almex Fusion lining, impact, wear and corrosion protection products reduce maintenance costs associated with abrasion damage to key components of conveyor belt systems.  …Continue reading
Talos Engineered Products May 19, 2014MANUFACTURING MEMBER Talos Engineered Products, LLC, is a manufacturer of heavy-duty, welded construction, bulk conveyor systems and accessory equipment, predominately targeted to the parcel industry.  Our standardized products cover the majority of the requirements inside the four walls of a parcel distribution center; welded and bolted style bulk handling belt conveyor, light and …Continue reading
RAS Industries Ltd Logo April 25, 2014, MANUFACTURING MEMBER - R.A.S. Industries Ltd. finds its roots in a small machine shop where Eric Sutton and Stanley Ross began business repairing equipment in 1952.  By the 1970’s the company now included Alan & Robert Sutton and the first conveyor pulleys were manufactured by the company.  As the next generation took over so too did the business change as the company began focusing more of its effort on….Continue reading
Titan Industries Inc. logo April 21, 2014, MANUFACTURING MEMBER -Titan Industries, Inc., since 1981, Titan Industries has been designing and building custom conveyors and conveyor systems for a broad range of applications and industries.  Today, Titan offers a full line of pre-engineered and custom conveyors and allied equipment sold through distributors, ……….. Continue reading……. 
OTI logo February 12, 2014, MANUFACTURING MEMBEROTI Rodillos, began their business in 1958 with and Engineering/Construction company.  Starting in 1998 we specialize in conveyors covering 100% of the services of a conveyor from side rollers, vulcanized hot vulcanized mechanical Installation and bands as well as design, manufacture and installation of conveyors…. Continue reading ………
Anderson Crane Company Logo February 3, 2014, MANUFACTURING MEMBERAnderson-Crane Company, A manufactuer of grain conveyor systems is making plans to double the size of it’s factory located in Litchfield, MN.  Replacing their jagged-edged plasma metal cutter with a high-tech water-jet cutter, which is 14 feet long, has the company saving 20 percent of their time to focus on welding and making conveyor products faster.  Continue reading…..





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