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CEMA’s President’s Message-2014


Jerry Heathman

      Sales & Marketing Manager at Chantland Pulley & Roller Company       


Jerry Heathman_mffoto

It is my honor and my privilege to be the president of such a fine organization. It is my honor because of what CEMA is, “THE VOICE OF THE NORTH AMERICAN CONVEYOR INDUSTRY”, and it is my privilege because of who it is, and that is due to its members. A great group of dedicated people all working towards the same goal, to make the North American conveyor industry the safest and most efficient in the world.

CEMA offers its member companies many extraordinary opportunities. On the engineering side, companies have the opportunity to help write the well-respected and well-recognized standards and engineering manuals for the products that they supply. CEMA publications are sold world-wide. CEMA also has a well-respected safety program. The safety labels that CEMA offers are displayed on conveyor equipment around the world. What a wonderful opportunity for companies to truly leave their mark on the material handling industry.

On the management side, there are many benefits to be gleaned for our membership. To me, the statistics are one of the most valuable of those benefits. Our statistics program truly gives our member companies an insight into what is happening in their particular markets. It not only allows them to identify their position in the market, but also gives them foresight into the anticipated future of their market. What a great tool for sales and management. Companies also have the opportunity to meet several times a year and network. What an advantage this offers to be able to meet with many of your current customers, potential customers, competitors and vendors, all in one place.

CEMA is on the move, we are growing and we are financially strong. As President, it is my promise that I will work with the CEMA staff, its directors, officers and committee sections, to continue our growth and add value to each and every member company.


     President of CEMA

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