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NOTICE 1:  CEMA does not certify companies or equipment.  Manufacturers self-certify to their customers and their companies with the dimensional, load, and other criteria defined in the relevant CEMA industry standards.
NOTICE 2:  Listed below there are CEMA Publications that have an ANSI/CEMA designation which are maintained under CEMA’s ANSI Procedures. CEMA has been certified as an Accredited American National Standards (ANS) Developer by ANSI (American National Standards Institute).

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7th ed belt book revision Jan 22 2013





CEMA Belt Book, Bulk handling “BELT CONVEYORS FOR BULK MATERIALS, 6th ed,Second Printing, January 15 2007″This book is considered by many to be the belt conveyor industry basic handbook. It details subject areas critical to selecting bulk handling belt conveyors. Contains photographs of equipment, including line drawings, formulas, and easy-to-use tables.  This hardcover manual is written for the experienced engineer, the recent graduate, consultants, professionals, and all who must design or approve projects involving the handling of bulk materials with belt conveyor systems.Click Here to Compare 5th and 6th Editions 
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The bible, bulk conveyors, CEMA “BELT CONVEYORS FOR BULK MATERIALS, 6th ed.,Second Printing, January 15 2007″- CDThis book is considered by many to be the belt conveyor industry basic handbook. It details subject areas critical to selecting bulk handling belt conveyors. Contains photographs of equipment, including line drawings, formulas, and easy-to-use tables.CEMA Belt Book CDEFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY - CD SALE at $40.00, purchase will provide you a $50 disc on 7th ed Belt Book releasing towards the end of the year!  UNTIL THE 7TH EDITION IS RELEASED IN 2013.  NOTE:  CD is not compatible with Windows 7. Run in the Windows XP or Virtual PC mode at:   http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/PLEASE NOTE:  CONTACT OUR OFFICE IF YOU ARE RUNNING WINDOWS 8, do not purchase this CD.
CEMA APPLICATION GUIDE FOR UNIT HANDLING CONVEYORSThe information contained in this 530 page book is intended to educate material handling engineers and users about current design and application of unit/package handling conveyors, associated products, and major components. The content is arranged in chapters by product type first, followed by chapters for system design, followed by chapters for component design. ($195) 530 pages.Hard copy only.   Review the Table of Contents click on the BUY NOW button and review description.

The 13 minute DVD provides 12 safety rules and lessons for safer operation and maintenance of Bulk Belt Conveyors. The lessons are tied to the, free for download, CEMA Bulk Belt Conveyor Safety Poster and the Bulk Belt Conveyor Safety Label Placement Guidelines, and the Bulk Belt Conveyor Accessories Safety Label Placement Guidelines.  ($20)(2010) CEMA AV Number 8 (DVD)



This CD, originally produced by MHIA, is being marketed also by CEMA. It provides an excellent overview and introduction to the Material Handling Industry. It is deemed very useful to promote education about the industry, to support internal indoctrination, and to assist in distributor training.  ($20)CEMA AV#7 (CD)

The ninth edition since the first in 1952. Many of the more than 150 types of conveyors, their variations and many components are illustrated in this industry dictionary.  ($50) 133 page PDF document.    ANSI-CEMA 102-2012 (Revision of ANSI/CEMA 102/2006)

The first edition of this document. Its purpose is to encourage uniform usage of electronic and electrical terminology as it is applied in the conveyor field.  ($15) 14 page PDF document.  CEMA 110-1995
  CEMA STANDARD No. 705,”CONVEYOR PERFORMANCE TERMINOLOGY A compilation of definitions for terms used in the conveyor industry.  ($20) 21 page PDF document.  
CEMA 705
A listing of 40 definitions relating to pneumatic conveying equipment and materials to be conveyed.($10) 14 page PDF document.   CEMA 805


Listing of 29 definitions relating to palletizers. ($1.50) 5 page PDF document.   



  CEMA STANDARD No. 300*, “SCREW CONVEYOR DIMENSIONAL STANDARDS“Includes a series of recommended dimensional standards for major screw conveyor components. Included are tables for troughs, trough ends and covers, screws (helicoid, sectional flight, cut-flight, cut-and-folded flight, ribbon flight), plain discharge spouts.  ($15) 36 page PDF document.  ANSI/CEMA 300-2009   *Inc. at no charge with orders for ANSI/CEMA 350-2009.
 350 cvr CEMA STANDARD No. 350, “SCREW CONVEYORS“ 4th ed.A book of acceptable engineering and application practice as compiled by engineers of leading screw conveyor manufacturing companies based on the experience of many years.  The book is profusely illustrated and contains much tabular data on conveyor selection and handling characteristics of the materials ordinarily handled in screw conveyors. Attention is given to horizontal, inclined, vertical and a number of special types of screw conveyors, both for straight handling and for processing.  ($50)  150 page PDF or Paper document.

ANSI/CEMA 350-2009  *ANSI/CEMA 300-2009 & CEMA #352-2012, inc. at no charge with order of 350-2009

CEMA NO. 351-2007, “VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE SELECTION FOR SCREW FEEDERS” Screw Feeders”  FREE DOWNLOAD -This document provides consensus best practices for the following procedures: Procedure for Calculating Demand Horsepower for Screw Feeders and Procedure for Procedure for Determining Inverter Size for Screw Feeders(Standard is based on 230/460-volt, 3-phase motors), as well as Other Factors to Consider.  6 Page PDF Document.*This is an excerpt from CEMA #350 Standard.

CEMA NO. 351-2007
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352-2012cvr CEMA NO. 352-2012, “Screw Conveyor Safety Operation and Maintenance Manual”This manual brings together, under one cover, the accumulated experience of CEMA Member Companies in an effort to provide a common basis and instructions for the safety, operation and maintenance of screw conveyors.  ($15.00)  20 Page PDF Document.CEMA NO. 352-2012



CEMA STANDARD No. 401, “ROLLER CONVEYORS – NON POWEREDThis is the first in a series of standards applying to unit handling conveyors. It establishes recommended engineering and application practice for this type of equipment, offers a uniform nomenclature and certain dimensional standards.($25)  17 page PDF document.

ANSI/CEMA 401-2003 (R2009, reaffirmation of ANSI/CEMA 401-2003)

CEMA STANDARD No. 402, “BELT CONVEYORSThe second in a series on unit handling conveyors. It establishes recommended design and application engineering practice for unit handling belt conveyors. Includes uniform nomenclature and certain dimensional standards.  ($25)  19 page PDF document.

ANSI/CEMA 402-2003 (R2009, reaffirmation of ANSI/CEMA 402-2003)


CEMA STANDARD No. 403, “BELT DRIVEN LIVE ROLLER CONVEYORS”The third in the unit handling series. It establishes recommended design and application engineering practice for this popular type of conveyor.($25.00)  16 page PDF document.

ANSI/CEMA 403-2003 (R2009, reaffirmation of ANSI/CEMA 403-2003)


CEMA STANDARD No. 404, “CHAIN DRIVEN LIVE ROLLER CONVEYORS”The fourth in the unit handling series and establishes recommended design and application engineering practice for a second form of live roller conveyor.  ($25)  12 page PDF document.

ANSI/CEMA 404-2003(R2009, reaffirmation of ANSI/CEMA 404-2003)


CEMA STANDARD No. 405, “SLAT CONVEYORS”Fifth in the series pertaining to unit handling conveyors, it proposes certain minimum standards for use in the design and application of unit handling slat conveyors. Formulas and tables are included to aid the engineer.  ($25)  14 page PDF document.

ANSI/CEMA 405-2003(R2009, reaffirmation of ANSI/CEMA 405-2003)


CEMA STANDARD No. 406, “LINESHAFT DRIVEN LIVE ROLLER CONVEYORS”Newest in the series pertaining to unit handling conveyors, it establishes recommended minimum standards for use in manufacturing and applying lineshaft live roll conveyors.  ($25)  33 page  PDF document.

ANSI/CEMA 406-2003(R2009, reaffirmation of ANSI/CEMA 406-2003)


CEMA STANDARD No. 601,”OVERHEAD TROLLEY CHAIN CONVEYORS”This standard represents a consensus of trolley conveyor manufacturers’ established dimensions for x 348, x 458, and x 678 rivetless chains, vertical and horizontal bolt trolleys, trolley attachments, roller turn rollers, roller turns and traction wheel turns.  ($30) 32 page PDF document.

CEMA No. 601 – 1995




CEMA BOOK No. 550, “CLASSIFICATION AND DEFINITIONS OF BULK MATERIALS”Presents materials classifications with physical characteristics of each, hazards that affect conveyability, along with suggested test procedures to aid the establishment of criteria for selection of conveying machinery and ancillary equipment.  ($40) 80 page PDF Document.

ANSI/CEMA No. 550 – 2003 (R2009, reaffirmation of ANSI/CEMA 550-2003).

InstallSTNDS CONVEYOR INSTALLATION STANDARDS FOR BELT CONVEYORS HANDLING BULK MATERIALSThis book outlines minimum installation standards for installation of bulk conveyors and provides suggestions for meeting or exceeding these standards. ($20)
12 page PDF document.

Conveyor Installation Standards – 2005




 575-2013 cvr CEMA STANDARD No. 575, “BULK MATERIAL BELT CONVEYOR IMPACT BED-CRADLE-Selection and Dimensions”Dimensional standards and selection guidelines for Impact Beds/Cradles to insure that they are dimensionally compatible with the most current version of CEMA Standard No 502, “Bulk Material Belt Conveyor Troughing and Return Idlers – Selection and Dimensions.”   ($15) 6 page PDF document.

CEMA 575-2013 (Revision of CEMA Standard 575-2000)

 576-2013 CEMA NO. 576, “Classification of Applications for Bulk Material Conveyor Belt CleaningConveyor belt cleaners are used to remove fugitive material, otherwise known as carryback, from the return side of the conveyor belt after the bulk material has been discharged.This standard has been established to provide a uniform method for determining the application class of any individual belt conveyor. This application class will assist in the selection of an appropriate conveyor belt cleaner or conveyor belt cleaner system for the application.By ranking the application, guidance concerning the needed ruggedness and durability of the applicable conveyor belt cleaner will be available. Manufacturers voluntarily specify into which class their particular designs fall.  ($FREE)

8 page PDF document.

CEMA 576-2013


CEMA STANDARD No. 502-2004, “BULK MATERIAL BELT CONVEYOR TROUGHING AND RETURN IDLERS- Selection and Dimensions”Dimensional standards and selection guidelines for 20 degree, 35 degree, and 45 degree troughing idlers and return rollers, 10 degree and 15 degree vee returns. New Items include addition of CEMA Class “F” Idlers, reformatted tables for easier reference, redrawn idler diagrams to conform with the reformatted tables,and reformatted and consolidated CEMA Load Ratings and Capacities Tables.($30)

25 page PDF document.    CEMA 502 – 2004



CEMA STANDARD No. B105.1, “SPECIFICATIONS FOR WELDED STEEL CONVEYOR PULLEYS WITH COMPRESSION TYPE HUBS”These pulleys have a continuous rim and two end discs, each with a compression type hub to provide a clamp fit on the shaft. This ANSI/CEMA Standard provides recommended load ratings, dimensional information, and criteria for selection of welded steel conveyor pulleys with compression type hubs.($20)  12 page PDF document.

ANSI/CEMA B105.1 – 2009

CEMA STANDARD No. 501.1, ” SPECIFICATIONS FOR WELDED STEEL WING PULLEYS”Welded steel wing pulleys have a number of steel wing plates that extend radially from the longitudinal axis of two compression type hub assemblies and are equally spaced about the pulley circumference. This ANSI/CEMA Standard provides recommended load ratings, dimensional information, and criteria for selection of welded steel wing pulleys. ($20)6 page PDF document.

ANSI/CEMA 501.1 – 2003 (R2009, reaffirmation of ANSI/CEMA 501.1 – 2003)


ACA Publication Standard Handbook of Chains “CHAINS FOR POWER TRANSMISSION AND MATERIAL HANDLING – Second EditionThe definitive handbook for anyone involved in the design, selection, use, and maintenance of all types of chains. This hands-on reference provides up-to-date guidance on the selection, design, utilization, and maintenance of various types of chains. It authoritatively covers the use of chains in various application environments, terminology, safety procedures, and the history of chains.The book features consistent selection guidelines to ensure a proper choice of chain every time. Updates in the Second Edition include:

  • New information on chain design considerations, power ratings for roller and silent chains, and selecting drives with a life other than 15,000 hours.
  • Detailed discussion of the design, selection, utlization, and maintenance of chains.
  • Chapter on chain lubrication, installation, and inspection and maintenance.
  • Consistent procedures for chain selection.
  • A new chapter on flat-top chain conveyors.
  • Many helpful illustrations and a comprehensive troubleshooting table.

($125) Hardback-409 pages, or CD






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