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CEMA 7th Ed. Belt Book-PREVIEW


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For the past two years work has progressed on the “7th Edition Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials” which is being led by R. Todd Swinderman along with assistance by The Engineering Conference and many other individuals who have contributed their time, effort and resources to the planning and compilation of this book.  

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  • 100 more pages, to accommodate new additions and a change in format that will have imperial and metric units in the text, figures and tables.
  • Errata and general comments accumulated during the life of the 6th edition have been incorporated into the 7th edition text.
  • Line art graphics are being redrawn for consistency, ease of reading and to incorporate metric where required.
  • In the 6th edition many equations were not numbered and when they were they were called “figures”.  In the 7th edition all equations are numbered and the title “Equation” is used.
  • Many more calculated examples.

Click on each Chapter below for in-depth detail of changes and additions to the 7th edition:

Chapter 1-Belt Conveyor General Applications and Economics

  • New photos
  • Discussions on feasibility studies comparing truck to conveyor haulage and in pit crushing

Chapter 2-Design Considerations

  • Discussion on Conveyor Structures
  • Updated lists of codes

Chapter 3-Characteristics and Conveyability of Bulk Materials

  • Spill and lift off speed calculation example added.

Chapter 4-Belt Conveyor Capacities

  • The Calculation of 100% full belt was moved from Chapter 6 to here
  • Calculation examples

Chapter 5-Belt Conveyor Idlers

  • Changed the temperature adjustment factor, K4c, based on test results of idlers from CEMA member companies
  • Impact force calculation changed to be in line with the revised 575 standard changes.  The focus is on impact energy rather than impact force.

Chapter 6-Belt Tension and Power Engineering

  • The discussion on the 5th edition “Historical Method” was moved into Appendix C.  This whole chapter now uses the Universal Design Method first introduced in the 6th edition.
  • Reorganized the chapter to flow better and clarify the use of Rr modification factors to be used by experienced designers to improve the accuracy of the calculations.
  • Added list of conditions and belt inputs that were used to develop the Universal Method.
  • Eliminated Case 1 and Case 2 discussion and uses one example throughout the chapter for example calculations.
  • Added information on Low Rolling Resistance Covers and Kibr factors.
  • “Pending some additional information as well”

Chapter 7-Belt Selection

  • Updated belt tables to be consistent with the latest information from ARPM (the old RMA).

Chapter 8-Pulleys and Shafts

  • Pending adding some discussions on pulley bearings.

Chapter 9-Curves

  • No significant changes

Chapter 10-Steep Angle Conveying

  • Added more information on Fold Belts.
  • General review of pipe conveyor capacities.

Chapter 11-Belt Cleaners and Accessories

  • Added Belt Cleaner Application rating ethod developed by the Accessories Committee.
  • Added secton on rubber and ceramic pulley lagging.

Chapter 12-Transfer Points

  • Revised method for calculating Feeder power requirements.
  • Added information on Angle of Repose feeders.
  • Moved discussion from Chapter 16 on DEM to Chapter 12.  New more detailed discussion of DEM added.
  • Changed the discussion on impact beds and cradles to focus on impact energy as reflected in the revised 575 standard.

Chapter 13-Conveyor Motors and Drives

  • General update of the chapter to focus on Variable Frequency Drives.
  • Added more information on Shaft Mounted Reducers.

Chapter 14-Operation, Maintenance and Safety

  • Updated the discussion on maintenance to include estimating staffing requirements for conveyor belt systems.
  • Added risk analysis section to the chapter.
  • Added section on guarding.

Chapter 15-Belt Takeups

  • Revised the factors for wire rope sheave systems used for takeups.

Chapter 16-Emerging Technologies

  • Moved discussion on belt dynamics to Chapter 6.
  • Added section on Air Supported Conveyors.
  • Added section on Gearless low speed high Hp drives.


  • No changes.

APPENDIX B-Nomenclature

  • General update to include terms from material added in various chapters.


  • Moved the discussion on the “Historical Method” from Chapter 6 to APPENDIX C.

APPENDIX D-Conveyor Installation Standards for Belt Conveyors Handling Bulk Materials

  • No significant changes.
  • Suggested offering APPENDIX D know as ‘Conveyor Installation Standards for Belt Conveyors Handling Bulk Materials’ as separate CEMA document available for purchase with updated metrics.

APPENDIX E-Belt Conveyor Idler Roll Test Ai

  • No changes.

APPENDIX F-Belt Conveyor Idler Roll Test Kis

  • No changes.


  • Pending – Adding Test procedure for low temperature correction factor K4c


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