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  • DESIGNED TO SUPPLEMENT – “User’s In-Plant Safety Program “CEMA Safety Committee” designed these Posters as a Service to the Industry.  If you would like a full set in PDF, please contact phil@cemanet.org
    • Files are formatted as TIF (6 MB) / PNG (under 1 MB) high resolution files.
    • You can modify the top right panel to include your company’s Safety Program Slogan or print them as they are.
    • The type of printing and poster material and coating is left to the user to determine based on the anticipated placement of the posters.
    • Do not try to open the files on your net browser, it will not function.


    Follow these procedures to download:

    • Right Click the Safety Poster file (highlighted in blue, not the picture) you want to download
    • Save to your computer
    • Then open


    The pictograms on these posters represent the associated CEMA Safety Labels which should be placed on your equipment. See the Safety Labels and Safety Label Placement Guideline links above.

Note:  Posters are current (2018) below with some cosmetic changes only, development was in 2003.

Screw Conveyor Safety Poster/2017 – TIF

Screw Conveyor Safety Poster/2017- PNG


Bucket Elevator Safety Poster/2017 – TIF

Bucket Elevator Safety Poster/2017 – PNG


Package Conveyor Safety Poster/2003 – TIF

Package Conveyor Safety Poster/2003 – PNG

Package Conveyor Safety Poster/2005 – TIF

Package Conveyor Safety Poster/2005 – PNG

Baggage Conveyor Safety Poster/2003 – TIF

Baggage Conveyor Safety Poster/2003 – PNG

Baggage Conveyor Safety Poster/2005 – TIF

Baggage Conveyor Safety Poster/2005 – PNG

Bulk Conveyor Safety Poster/2003 – TIF

Bulk Conveyor Safety Poster/2003 – PNG 

Pallet Unitized Load Conveyor Poster/2006 – TIF

Pallet Unitized Load Conveyor Poster/2006 – PNG








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