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June 15, 2017


CEMA Welcomes them to the Association as new members effective June 12, 2017!

Cornette Engineering Services USA is a full-service, multi-disciplined engineering company.  Since 1973, CES has delivered civil, structural, and environmental solutions, from initial concepts to turn-key projects, to customers around the world.

Benefiting from close ties to its sister terminal companies, the engineers at CES have become experts in the bulk material handling field.  CES specializes in conveyor systems, stockpile/reclaim systems, barge/rail/truck loading and unloading, blending facilities, rail layout, foundation design, and system upgrades.

To learn more about Cornette Engineering Services USA, LLC…….. click here


1650 Murfreesboro Road, Suite 125
Franklin, Tennessee  37067

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THE COST OF INSANITY- October 8, 2013


The cost of the 2008 meltdown approached 13 trillion dollars – or almost the entire amount of the deficit Washington is so worried about now. So in the name of a 3-4 trillion “Grand Bargain” or the extra cost of Obamacare, they are pushing us toward a 13 trillion dollar calamity. Most authoritative sources agree that a failure to raise the debt limit will result in a recession of equal or greater magnitude than the 2008 meltdown. Therefore the 13 trillion is probably a low estimate. Then there is the adverse impact of selling Treasuries in the future. These constant threats to the credit of the USA will eventually drive up our borrowing costs and drive many investors away as the world ponders when we …

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Today, let’s talk about “HAVE WE BECOME UNGOVERNABLE?”
A few days after the tragic school shooting in Newtown, I dropped my car off for service and was driven to work by the dealership’s porter. He said we needed to place armed guards in schools, many days before the silent period of great soul searching and original thinking yielded the same question. I sense the porter’s politics are deeply conservative so I asked him “Great idea – how do you plan to pay for it? since you want to reduce taxes even further and want to shrink government to do this, where do you suggest we look for the money?? Well, he didn’t have an answer and agreed that was a problem.

And, that is the problem – …

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CEMA Mbrs in the NEWs! DEC 2012


Take a look at some of the activity that CEMA Member Companies have had in the last month at their companies by clicking on this link:  CEMA Member Companies-in the NEWs!

To get more information on our Members listed in the newsletter go to their sites by clicking on their following names:

DEM Solutions
Bryant Products
Overland Conveyor
Hytrol Conveyor
Stober Drives, Inc.

If you have questions about submitting NEWs items, i.e. promotions, products, community service and/or articles written about your company and /or want to refer someone over to CEMA Membership, please contact the following:

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Bad Voters/Bad Government – October 22, 2012

Today, let’s talk about “Bad Voters – Bad Government”
In another month we will have elected a new President – in the person of “learning on the job dot 2 (Obama – Obama)” or “trickle down dot Three (Reagan – Bush – Romney)”, one-third of the Senate and The House.  The winners will walk glassy eyed to the great table of hope expecting that the vision of the future laid out by their candidates will be realized in 100 days.  Dream on!

What they forget is there are three bodies of Government in the United States and the Legislature presents a problem for the executive branch.  And the legislature itself is a house divided.  We don’t elect Kings my friends – we elect Presidents and they need …

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All In The Same Boat – October 10, 2012

“How to survive the election without losing your friends, giving yourself a stroke and making a wise and informed choice when you vote”
Welcome to CEMA’s political blog.  I have entitled this column All in the Same Boat since the vast majority of us are just that, all in the same boat.  Unless you are one of the very privileged few with more billions than I have years, which are a lot, we share the same concerns.  We want to be safe, we want financial security and we want the best for our children.  I consider myself an American first and party member….well, in my case…I don’t belong to either.

So the first rule of surviving this election cycle is be an American First. …

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